Sunday, August 26, 2012

Montessori math and philosophy with MissE Carolan

Last Monday, August 20th, more than 20 NHMA members met to refresh themselves with a review of Montessori math materials and presentations. MissE Carolan, who is a consultant with New England Early Childhood Associated (NEECA) and has been an instructor with NMI since 1992, took us through the presentations of the Golden Beads and its foundation, and then materials that help those children who are moving into abstraction and memorization. And in between, we discussed some basic philosophy and the nitty gritty of math in our classrooms.
It was a great way to get ourselves “jazzed up” about the beginning of the school year and a lovely way to get back in touch with everyone after such a wonderful summer. And I went home determined to split my huge albums into more manageable smaller ones!

Our thanks to Wanda and her staff at Green Valley Montessori School in Pembroke for hosting in their gorgeous facility. I wish my school was looking that put together that early. And many thanks to Laura and Gail for putting this workshop together. Now let’s bring on those children!!

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